• Crostatas Rustic Pizza - Cleveland, OH

    When entering Crostatas for the first time you will certainly notice the wood burning oven. It has clearly been finally crafted with old world Italian artisianship. Even better, it delivers a great pizza.

    Crostatas is located in the Cleveland suburb of Highland Hts., in a pretty non-business intersection of town. They are located in a very attractive stand alone building with another restaurant across the street, but not much else of a commercial nature very close by.

    We chose the Margherita pizza, always believing that our first visit should include the most basic (and our favorite) pizza. The pizzas at Crostatas are done in the Neopolitan thin crust style, and indeed, their thin crust was outstanding, chewy, tasty with just the right amount of charring. They say that New York pizza crust is so great because of New York water. In the case of Crostatas there is clearly nothing wrong with Ohio water.

    The cheese was creamy, fresh and tasty. Just the right amount of basil made a great combination of flavors. There was some discussion among us concerning the San Marzano tomato sauce. Some of our group thought it was a little bland and underspiced, while others raved.

    All in all, Crostatas offers a great pizza, in fact, we would be hard pressed to think of a better pizza in the Cleveland area. This area has tons of chain pizza places and even a few great pizza places but Crostatas seems to stand out a step ahead.

    The ingredients used are locally sourced and organic when possible. Fresh ingredients make a much better pizza.

    Along with a selection of pizzas the menu includes soups, salads, and appetizers. At lunch there are some sandwich offerings.

    Crostatas is owned by the Quaqliata family which has a astrong reputation in Cleveland as being the operator of tone of the finest high-end restaurant's in Cleveland for many years (Giovanni's).

    Crostatas is certainly worth the visit, you will probably find yourself going back again and again.

    Crostatas Rustic Pizza
    558 Bishop Rd.
    Highland Hts, OH 44143


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    1. keitht's Avatar
      keitht -
      Great pizza. I would recommend that they change the sign on the outside of their building. It just says "Crostatas", no clue to if it is a restaurant or some other retail business. If you figure out it is a restaurant you certainly wouldn't guess pizza.
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