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    I'm sitting at Settebello waiting for my pizza and reading the propaganda about some pizza organization that they belong to called Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN) which was established in Napoli, Italy with the purpose of protecting the integrity of a Napoletana style of pizza. VPN requires that their members use only specific raw ingredients to create the pizza dough as well as the method of creating the dough (all by hand, no machines). VPN also dictates how the pizza must be cooked (bell shaped pizza oven powered by wood), the types of tomatoes that may be used as well as the types of cheeses.

    I'm thinking, ok, ok, enough with the marketing effort let's get some pizza. Moments later my Margherita pizza arrives and I feel myself start becoming a fan of the VPN. The aroma was unbelievable, it's obvious that only the freshest ingredients have been used.

    My first bite convinces me even more, the crust was perfection, just the right texture - not too soft and not too crisp. I tasted the fresh basil, tomatos, and mozzarella and I became a convert.

    This was truly an amazing pizza. I haven't been to other pizzeria's that have been certified by the VPN but if Settebello is any indication I will go to each and every one of them without any hesitation. Very few American restaurants have been recognized by the VPN, I am sure each one of them is pretty great!

    I have visited Settebello in Henderson, NV several times while on business trips to Las Vegas. It is the ONLY reason I rent a car, plus it is not unusual for me to go to Settelbono several nights in a row. The Henderson, NV location is located in a little shopping center and is a pleasant looking restaurant. The fresh salads are a great way to pass the time as you are awaiting pizza perfection.

    I wanted to pass my accolades along to the owner. However, the waitress told me that he was not there and didn't often interact with the customers since each customer had some customization or change that they would like made to the pizza to improve their personal likings. I agree with the owner, ignore the customers and just keep on cranking out fabulous neopolitan style pizza. Don't change a thing, nothing is broke! This is fine pizza made with hundreds of years of tradition behind it.

    There are two Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana's, one in Henderson, NV and the other in Salt Lake City, UT.

    Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana
    140 Green Valley Pkwy
    Henderson, NV 89012

    200 South 200 West
    Salt Lake City, UT 84101


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