• Al Forno - Providence, RI

    Al Forno is legendary in making the grilled pizza acceptable and popular. The pizzas are a very small portion of Al Forno's menu, yet they have earned them a huge reputation.

    When you see the grilled pizza delivered to your table you take a deep breath, as they are uniquely attractive, they are very flat (thin) and shaped very irregularly. Clearly hand made dough topped with creamy Bel Paese cheese and sharp/salty Pecorino Romano Cheese, along with delicious tomato sauce and garnishments.

    The pizzas are cooked VERY quickly over a hardwood charcoal fire, and as a result are ultra-thin with a wood-grilled flavor.

    It's fun to go to Al Forno with a group so you can all share the three pizza varieties available: the basic Margarita, pepperoni (for those keeping track, it is homemade pepperoni!), and roasted eggplant. I am not a big eggplant fan, but I loved this pizza as it has a great combination of tastes and textures.

    Many consider Al Forno to be the best Italian restaurant in the Providence area, but I am very happy getting the grilled pizzas and a salad (I like the chopped Caesar salad)!

    Pay attention when eating your Al Forno grilled pizza as I am quite sure that once you get home you will be wondering how to replicate it on your own home grill!

    Al Forno
    577 S. Main St
    Providence, RI 02903


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