• American Flatbread Pizza

    In 1991 the New York Times declared that American Flatbread was the best frozen pizza money could buy. More recently when Food Network star Rachel Ray deemed it the "best overall" frozen pizza.

    From before 1990 American Flatbread founder George Schenk was working his vision of bringing pizza back to bread’s roots. He reached back to the very beginning of bread baking and used the same artisan methods: simple, wholesome ingredients shaped by hands of thoughtful caring people, baked in a primitive wood-fired earthen oven.

    Wood-fired, clay ovens are an ancient tradition stemming from community bread ovens of the old world. It is widely believed that stone/earthen ovens produce the best bread because of the almost magical transformation that happens from a wood fire. The result of this transformation is bread with a superior crust and tender crumb that can only be found from these masonry style ovens.

    And the wood-fired, clay ovens used by American Flatbread turn out a superior frozen pizza.
    Their flour is 100% organically-grown wheat, specially milled into an unbleached white flour with germ and bran restored. Vermont water, yeast, and Kosher salt are added.

    The dough is double proofed. Lowering the temperature of the dough while it rises slows the fermentation process, yielding increasingly complex and pleasing flavor.

    The dough is hand stretched, which is why you’ll always see a nicely formed (and always uniquely shaped!) crust on the pizzas. It bakes up with a delicate crispiness surrounding chewy, flavorful bread.

    The homemade organic wood-fired tomato sauce is produced in a giant cauldron over a wood fire, from scratch and with organic ingredients. The sauce is slow-simmered throughout the day, as a good tomato sauce must be, to bring out the tomatoes’ inherent sweetness.

    The pizzas are topped with a blend of fine cheeses: whole-milk mozzarella, imported Grana Padano parmesan, and a Vermont parmesan made by Blythedale Farms: Vermont Mountain Cheese. Our cheeses are carefully selected for their premium flavor and texture.

    Once topped, the assembler drops the pizza in the oven. Dropping a bread means carefully placing the raw pizza in the oven, directly on the soapstone floor. The baker tends to the breads in the oven, rotating for even cooking. When the pizza is baked to 80% finished (par-baked), it is flash frozen, packaged, and shipped to stores around the country.

    In the stores you can find several varieties of American Flatbread including Cheese & Herb (no sauce, just herbs and a blend of three cheeses), the Revolution (tomato sauch, carmelized onion, muschrooms, and a blend of cheeses and herbs), Sundried Tomato & Mushroom, Tomato Sauce & Three Cheese, and the Ionian Awakening (four cheeses, red onion, Kalamat olives, garlic, fresh rosemary).

    For best results alow your American Flatbread pizza to totally defrost and then cook for just a couple of minutes in an oven, on a grill, or even a flat rock.... it alway's tastes great. American Flatbread is a great way to "deliver" pizza to your family with quality and great flavor.

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