• Buddy's Pizza - Detroit, MI

    Did you know that Detroit is a mecca for pizza? That's right, Detroit is the home to the square pizza. Nobody does the Detroit pizza better than Buddy's. Their crust is one of the best anywhere, and their pizza is fun to eat with a group since the inside (non-edge) slices are light and have a little bit of a crunch. But you will have to fight your friends for the pizza slices at the four corners of the pan! The slight blackening of the crust along with the carmelizing flavor makes these slices the filet mignon of the Buddy's square pizza.

    Buddy's has been around since 1936 and claim that they are the introducer of the "Detroit's Square Pizza". There are several location of Buddy's in the Detroit metro area, stop by and enjoy one of their pizzas, meet some locals, and see all of those who travel from out of town to experience Buddy's Square Pizza.

    Buddy's Pizza (9 locations in the Detroit metro)

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