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    Published on 06-17-2010 10:53 AM
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    How often do advertising slogans really help you understand the product that is being advertised. In the case of Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza the slogan is right on the money... in two ways.

    Anthony's slogan: "Pizza Well Done"

    First off, this is a well done pizza, if you have experienced true New York style pizza you know what I am talking about. Each pizza at Anthony's is delivered with just a bit of char on the bottom and side crust which delivers that taste of New York Pizza The char is created in Anthony's 800 degree coal burning ovens. So if you are one of those who just can't tolerate a "well done" pizza with a little char, Anthony's is not for you.

    Secondly, many believe (as I do) that Anthony's provides one of the best (if not the best) pizza in South Florida. On my many visits to Florida I used to fly into Miami International Airport, but I have since changed by strategy by flying to Ft. Lauderdale Airport and being within a mile or two of one of Anthony's locations. On the walk to the rental car I begin to salivate and know that in less than five minutes I'll be at Anthony's.
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